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Campus History

A red bear mascot holding a book with stars in the background.Bush Elementary opened its doors on 9100 Blackhawk Boulevard in Houston in August of 2006. The school is named in honor of Laura Bush, a former first lady of the United States and wife to former President George W. Bush. The area in which the school resides continues to see an increase in population growth and at one point, 1,200 students were enrolled at the school. Within two years of the opening of the campus, Bush needed portable buildings for extra space. In total, the campus now has 13 portable buildings. As Bush continues to grow, the teachers and administrators are proud of the changes they see. In recent years, the school began and has maintained a dual language program, along with receiving Exemplary ratings from TEA.

List of Principals

  • Debbie Barret 2006-2017
  • Stephanie Miller 2017- present