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for the latest updates on the Coronavirus.

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yearbook for sale
Normally at this time of the year, we would be sending home a copy of our School Yearbook for you to look at and purchase. Because of our current situation, we have had to come up with an alternate plan. We have worked together with Strawbridge to provide you a way to purchase a yearbook for this school year for your student(s). Beginning today, you will be able to purchase your student(s) yearbook online, and as soon as we can return to school, we will pass out the yearbooks. If we do not return to school this year, then we will set up times to pass them out this summer. You can purchase a school yearbook online until May 28th and the cost of the yearbook is still the same as previous years of $20.

Below are the directions on how to pay online for a yearbook...

Go to
Click Order Pictures and Yearbooks
Enter Code: YB107981

or this is the direct link....

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 Laura Bush

"There are few careers that have such a lasting effect on an entire generation and an entire nation. Teachers fill children's lives with hope, learning and love - not just on school days, but every day of their lives."
Former First Lady Laura Bush
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Laura Welch Bush Elementary is named after the Former First Lady of the United States of America. Mrs. Bush, a former librarian, is an advocate of education and the importance and pleasures of reading.For more information about Laura Welch Bush, visit