Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a chronic illness and is on daily medication that needs to be given at noon. What are the steps to take to have the medication administered at school?

The nurse needs to be notified and a form/s need to be filled out accordingly. Parent's Request for Administration of Prescription Medicine in School Form (Form C4-5) needs to be filled out and signed by parent. Make sure this medication is prescribed and has a pharmacy label affixed to the box or actual medication. No over-the-counter medication (OTC) will be administered by the nurse unless it is prescribed and has a pharmacy label. If OTC medication needs to be given parent/guardian is allowed to bring and administer medication to student in the school clinic.

What if my child is sick but he/she wants to go to school?

Do not send them in just to be withdrawn within an hour or two. Keep the student home if temperature is at 100 degrees, vomiting, and or has diarrhea. Please remember they are ill and if they come to school, they will be sharing their illness with everyone in their class or others that come in contact. Please be considerate of others (e.g. Faculty, staff, or students) in our school.

What do I do if my child stays home sick?

Make sure that once the child is well and they return to school you send a note with them stating the reason of their absence or provide the doctor’s return to school note.

How do I get a copy of my child's immunization?

Your child's pediatrician can provide a copy. Another option is if your child has obtained all immunizations in the state of Texas, you may sign up on the state immunization registry called ImmTrac ( Once signed on, you as a parent/guardian can look up your child and print out a copy of their immunizations. Last resort would be the school nurse when and if she has an opportunity to extend the courtesy. Your student must have attended school in PISD in order for the record to be available in the school health system. Be mindful that during early registration and the beginning of the school year the nurse has to deal with many duties and might not be able to provide that courtesy. You as a parent need to be responsible and accountable of your child’s immunization prior to enrolling in the school.